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Janet DeBonville, Owner


I learned to quilt in the late 1970’s when I took a class at a local quilt shop in New England.  Although many people had old quilts from mothers or grandmothers and there was a lot of historical information around, quilting had not yet become the modern trend that it is today.  I learned to quilt the “old-fashioned” way--- using scissors to cut fabric pieces; home-made cardboard templates; a yardstick and a 12-inch ruler to measure; and piecing and quilting by hand.  Learning to make quilts by hand has given me an appreciation for both old and new, and sometimes I still prefer the “old” way!  I have always loved fabric so I was hooked on quilting from that very first class and I went from there in search of other quilting patterns and projects.


From the mid-1980’s to the early 2000’s I took a long break from quilting when I moved to Florida, raised my daughter, and had a professional career as an accountant.  When I returned to quilting, I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of new tools, gadgets, fabric choices, and patterns.  I also discovered that accounting is the perfect complement to quilting because I can satisfy my need to be precise, detailed, and artistic all at the same time.  Quilting is definitely a passion which I never lost; have thrown myself into with a new-found energy and enthusiasm; and am enjoying more than ever!


In 2008 one of the local quilt shops liked a Halloween wall hanging I made and asked me to teach a class the following year.  I taught classes for them and occasionally helped in the shop until I began teaching for a new quilt shop in 2011.  I also made some quilt models for the store and occasionally helped out if they needed it, doing anything from binding a customer’s quilt to fabric inventories.


In 2008 or 2009 my “significant other” (now my husband), who creates unique “Fabric Art” pieces, became interested in doing juried art shows, which in turn prompted my interest in selling my quilts in craft shows.  People loved them but it was not as successful as I would have liked due to the fact that quilt prices are not in line with most of the other items sold in "craft" shows.  At that time we also set up websites for our respective work.  I wanted to focus on my panel wall hangings in order to offer some less expensive items for sale.


In 2012 I bought a franchise making T-shirt quilts.  The franchise ran for 5 years and was a good experience but did not offer the variety in quilt making that I am so fond of.  Upon the expiration of the franchise in early 2017 I decided to "go back to my roots", both in quilting style and physical location.  I have returned to New England and I am once again making quilts, panel and pieced wall hangings, and assorted quilted items, albeit by using modern tools now!


Additionally, I am excited to announce I have two new quilt products to offer--- custom made Precious Pets Photo Quilts and Your Memories T-shirt Wall Hangings.  Please browse our site for more information as well as how to order the custom quilts or purchase other seasonal items.  We also have a contact form should you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you for your interest in my quilts!